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Registration Information

Registration Dates:

First Tuesday in March: SAIL & Compass Board Members

Second Tuesday in March: SAIL & Compass Teachers

Third Tuesday in March: SAIL & Compass Returning Families

Fourth Tuesday in March: New Families


Registration Fee: $120 due 1 week past designated registration date (treasurer will send invoice via email)

Tuition: ½ tuition plus material fees will be due May 1. The second ½ of tuition will be due July 15. Families who do not pay in full by August 1st will not be permitted to send students to classes, until payment is recieved, and will be charged a late fee of $100. 


Grade Level Information:

Our classes are divided into three general groups of grade levels: 5 – 6, 7-9 and 9-12. There are a few exceptions for classes such as Chemistry that require prior science classes to be successful. Families should take into consideration their student’s learning ability in deciding where to place students who fall on the lower or higher end of the groupings. For example, a 7th grader who is a struggling learner may not do well in the 7-9th classes; an advanced 9th grader may be bored in the 7-9th grade range classes. We recommend contacting teachers ahead of time to discuss the difficulty level of their class if questions remain after reading the course description.


Course Progressions:

We recommend the following progressions:



5/6th grade: Writing A/B (Writing A and Writing B are offered alternating years and do not repeat material to allow for students to take both in these grades.)

7th-9th grade: Writing I

8th-10th grade: Writing II

9th-12th grade: Writing III

All students new to SAIL must submit a writing sample and survey. These forms can be found on our website. Students will be assessed based on their sample and placed in an appropriate class. We do not recommend skipping ahead to any level of writing, particularly in 7th-8th grade. If students complete Writing III by 8thgrade, they will not have any writing instruction in high school; most students will need writing instruction and experience throughout all years of high school.


High school literature classes are offered on a yearly rotation of World Literature, American Literature and British Literature.

2024-2025: British Literature

2025-2026: World Literature

2026-2027: American Literature

Science (unless noted, all science classes use the Apologia curriculum)

5th-7th grade: rotation of Apologia Exploring Creation science courses

7th-9th grade: Applied Science (Project Based Learning) or General Science

9th-12th grade: Health & Nutrition


The following high school classes require completion of Apologia General Science prior to enrollment.

9th-12th grade: Physical Science w/ lab

9th -12th grade: Biology w/ lab

10th-12th grade: Chemistry w/ lab



7th-9th grade: offered on a yearly rotation between Ancient History and Medieval History

2024-2025: Ancient History

2026-2027: Medieval History

9th-12th: World History

9th-12th: US History

10th-12th: American Government (strongly recommended but not required that students have completed a high school level US History class before enrolling)



The following are examples of previous elective classes that have been offered. 

Music Appreciation: 5th-8th grade

PE: 5th-8th grade

Public Speaking: 8th-12th grade

Personal Finance: 9th-12th grade

Art I: 7th-9th grade

Art II: 9th-12th grade

Entrepreneurship: 9th-12th grade