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Frequently Asked Questions for SAIL Co-op, a Christian organization.


What is SAIL?

SAIL is a Christian organization that support homeschool families by offering an a la carte menu of traditional academic and elective classes for grades 5th-12th.

Where does SAIL meet and how often?

We meet at Fellowship Bible Church in Winchester, VA on Mondays from 9am-3pm.

How long is the co-op year run?

Our classes run from September through March for regular sessions. Some classes (generally high school classes and some middle school classes) also run up to 6 extended sessions that meet in December and April.

What type of classes does SAIL offer?

We offer history, five levels of writing classes, literature, and science, as well as electives such as public speaking, personal finance, entrepreneurship and music appreciation.

What can students expect for classes and what is expected of them?

Classes meet for one hour on Mondays and students receive homework to keep them busy for the remainder of the week. You generally do not need to supplement with anything at home. Teachers assign reading, study guides, essays, tests, projects and give grades for all completed work. We use Canvas – an online learning management system – to communicate with families and post assignments to help keep students on track.

What type of curriculum does SAIL use?

The curriculum we use varies by teacher with the exception of our science classes, all but one of which use Apologia. Some of our teachers have been classroom teachers in the past but many are parents who have a deep interest in and knowledge of the subject they are teaching.

What is the average class size?

Our class sizes are generally capped at 14 students.

Can a student take only a few needed classes or does it need to be the whole day?

Families are free to choose the number of classes their students take. There is no set minimum. We have an equal number of families who sign up for a full day of classes and some who attend just in the morning or just single science classes.

Do I (as a parent) need to stay the whole time while my child is at the co-op?

SAIL is a drop-off program but each family is required to fill 4 service slots per school year.

If my child has special needs, what can I expect?

We fully believe in accommodating students with special needs and learning challenges. Our teachers work together with parents to determine what individual students need to succeed.

Are there special events throughout the year for the students? If so, who organizes them?

We have a student leadership team which plans social events throughout the year. For example, they host a Christmas party and a prom at the end of the year. If we have enough graduating seniors, we support a parent-led graduation ceremony at the end of the year.

How much does it cost to attend SAIL and what are the class tuition costs?

In terms of finances, each family pays a flat fee of $120 upon registration. Class costs start at around $175. Families pay ½ tuition plus 100% of material fees by June 1 and the second half of tuition by September 1.

What if I have additional questions?

You can find more information by visiting our website: sailwinchester.com for more information regarding our registration process. Email our director Elizabeth Spence at [email protected] for more information or to set up an interview.


Last updated 02/14/2023