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Writing Survey and Sample

Writing Survey 

ALL Students New to Writing at SAIL:  

 1. What are the last three books the student has read?

 2. Has the student completed a writing curriculum or taken a writing class during this current school year?  If not, when was the last curriculum completed?

 3. Has the student completed a grammar curriculum during this current school year?  If not, when was the last curriculum completed?

 4. What types of essays has the student written in the past (stories, personal narrative, persuasive, research, etc.)?


Writing Sample 

Please find the class you are registering for and provide a typed sample responding to the corresponding prompt. This should be written without revision or editing by parents in order to present the most accurate picture of student’s writing skills.   

5th-6th Grade Writing and Writing I: In one paragraph, write about your favorite book or movie.

Writing II/Writing III: In three paragraphs, choose from one of the following prompts:  

  1. Describe 3 possible career paths for your future.

  2. Write about your favorite book or movie.

  3. Write about a significant event in your life and explain what you learned from it and/or how it changed you.

Advanced Composition: 

1. At least 5 paragraphs on any topic (science, history, literature, current events, etc).

2. Includes outside research of at least two sources (only one resource may be a website)

3. Sources must both be cited within the paper and have a separate works cited page. Any citation format is fine (i.e. Turabian, MLA, APA, etc.)

American Literature: All students who are registering for a high school literature course at SAIL for the first time should submit to Mrs. Spence a writing sample of at least three paragraphs responding to a poem or fiction/non-fiction book.

Send Samples To: 

5/6 Writing: Mrs. McKay

Writing I: Mrs. Richardson
Writing II and American Literature: Mrs. Spence
Writing III: Mrs. Strimple

Advanced Composition: Mrs. Griffeth