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Course Progressions and Prerequisites

Course Progressions and Prerequisites

Writing Class Progressions and Prequisites

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Writing Class Policies: 

1) If your students has not taken a writing class at SAIL, the Writing Survey and Writing Sample must be submitted to ensure proper placements. Returning students do not need to complete the survey or submit a writing sample. These students will need to have their current teacher’s permission to progress to the next level.

2) Current SAIL writing students are not permitted to skip any levels of SAIL's writing program without permission from the higher level class' teacher.

3) New students who join SAIL's writing program will be permitted to register only for the writing class that is recommended for their level, based on evaluation of the submitted sample to our writing faculty.

5th-7th Grade Writing A/B (Alternate Years)

Writing I: Students should have a grade level understanding of grammar and vocabulary and should be able to write well-formed sentences.

Writing II: Students should be able to write an organized paragraph and have a grade level understanding of grammar. Students must have a year end average of 75 to pass this course. 

Writing III: Successful completion of Writing II. Students must have a year end average of 75 to pass this course. 

Advanced Composition: sucessful completion of Writing III

High School Literature Class Progression

Grades 10-12

Advanced level literature classes alternate among the following three with one taught each year. Students are encouraged to complete the progression, all of which include both literature and opportunities to continue writing essays of various kinds.

World Literature: offered in 2022-2023

American Literature: offered in 2023-2024

British Literature: offered in 2024-2025


History Class Progression

Ancient History (7th-9th grade): offered in 2024-2025

Medieval History (7th-9th grade): offered in 2023-2024

World History (9th-12th grade): offered in 2024-2025

U.S. History (9th-12th grade): offered in 2023-2024

American Government (10th-12th grade):  completion of high school level U.S. History recommended

U.S. Geography/World Geography (7th-9th grade): offered in 2024-2025



Science Class Progression

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5th-7th Grade Science: subjects studied varies

Middle School Sciences:

Applied Science

General Science (7th-8th grade): upon completion of 6th grade math

High School Sciences: 

Physical Science with Lab (9th- 12th grade): upon completion of Apologia’s General Science or other middle school level science survey class. Must have completed or be currently enrolled in Pre-Algebra.

Biology with Lab (9th-12th grade): upon completion of Apologia’s Physical Science, or Apolgia's General Science, or other equivalent class

Chemistry with Lab (10th-12th grade): upon completion of high school biology, physical science, and Algebra I

Advanced Science with Lab (10th-12th grade): Anatomy & Physiology or Physics *NOT offered for 2023/2024